Evert van Huyssteen . Your psychologist, for your relationships.

Evert van Huyssteen. Your psychologist, for your relationships.

We are our relationships, because we are hard-wired to flourish in relationships that are meaningful. They shape us from before we are born and they continue to have the ability to determine more than any other factor, our happiness or our emotional distress.

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As a result of these shaping forces, we develop a relationship with ourselves, that again influences all our other relationships. My focus as a psychologist is to help individuals, couples, and families to address those factors that limit our abilities to experience joy, meaning and happiness in our relationships. This includes marital problems, couple’s issues, friendship woes, work-related strains, the loss of a partner due to illness or divorce and as importantly, self-esteem issues that are in reality self-relationship problems.

My fees

  • Cash/ Debit/ Credit Card Clients. R 800 for a one-hour session

  • Medical Aid Clients. Fees are charged at your prescribed Medial Aid rate. Each Medical Aid has its own rate.  My practice will process such claims on your behalf.

  • Skype sessions* R685 for a one-hour session. Subject to upfront payment.

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